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Liat Gabriel Solomon

Model, Mom, Radio Presenter/Producer

 Liat, the Israeli-Bulgarian beautiful lady, is having a rich experience from Israel, collaborating with distinguished fashion designers from New York, representing as a model, their brand and jewelry collections. Liat came to Los Angeles in La Greek Hebrew Radio and she knows the way to bring established guests from Israel. Radio Hosting is an excellent establishment for such a persona bringing the best out of everyone. You may listen to Liat's radio shows every Monday in The Road To Joy among with Sara, Tuesday in Numerology among with Batiya, Wednesday in Shlager 80s-90s and Friday in Shabbat Shalom, whereas she is brining well-known Israeli-American Artists. Listen to her by clicking listen live, or you may watch her live on facebook to enjoy the taste of her hilarious way of doing her shows in La Greek Hebrew Radio facebook page.

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