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Hanukkah 2018 Playlist: Celebrate With Songs From Hebrew Artists

It is that time of year again! While we all sort through leftover Black Friday deals and enjoy the current rush of holiday parties we can RSVP a +1 to, let us not forget the ultimate holiday of Hanukkah. Along with other Jewish holidays, Hanukkah falls on the lunar calendar of Kislev (pronounced Kiss-lev), which basically means that it happens at different times every year.

As I write this from the holiest co-working space of the world (aka Jerusalem's WeWork) I curated a playlist of Jewish artists from Israel to Canada and California, helping your ears celebrate the holiday of miracles (that you might've not known was even happening until now)! Acts range from A-Wa and Haim to Dudu Faruk, Adi, the late Mac Miller and of course Matisyahu, who has his legendary Festival of Lights

this Thursday at Brooklyn Steel with Soulrebels and Griz in New York City.

And yes -- the Canadian artist is Drake.   

Last Hanukkah in Paris, a video was filmed for Kosha Dillz's latest single "Other Side of Happiness" featuring the Alvarez Kings. Tonight in Jerusalem he gets to perform it alongside Portnoy, before a string of Hanukkah (and Christmas) shows in the U.S. It is the second single from his forthcoming 2019 release Nobody Cares Except You. 

Tour Dates Dec 4 Yellow Submarine w/ Portnoy Jerusalem, IL Dec 5 6th Street Synagogue w/ Lazer Lloyd New York, NY Dec 6 Minyan at The New York Flowery Brooklyn, NY Dec 7 5th Annual Twitzmas  w/ Twiztid @ Pike Ballroom Pontiac, MI Dec 17 Mercury East w/ FRTZ  New York, NY Dec 19 Tree of Life Fundraiser @ Peppermint Club Los Angeles, LA Dec 21 Legendary Christmas w/ Zion I, Prof @ Belasco Theatre  Los Angeles, C

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