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Roy Abergel

Personal Trainer, Radio Presenter

Roy has always been into sports and fitness. 
After 3 years in the Israeli Army, Roy began the next phase of his life and started to travel. This opened a whole new world of fitness possibilities. He was introduced to Capoeira is Brazil, explored Crossfit in Holland and became addicted to Olympic Weightlifting in the USA. During all of this he also focused on Functional Training, TRX and Kettle Bell Training in Israel.  
In 2008 he decided to branch out on his own and started a fitness company in Israel.
Roy hit the ground running in Los Angeles and quickly built a clientele which lead to the creation of Interval.

Every step in this world is a lesson learned. Roy has made it his goal to educate fitness lovers and even haters to find what works for them in the wide spectrum of fitness. 

He is the founder and instructor of the Interval Fitness by Roy, here, in Los Angeles, California.

Listen to Roy's radio shows every Monday 12pm, with the show "Cut the BS".

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